Back to Running! It has returned !


A beginners running group will be starting from Sunday 9th February, meeting at 9 o’clock at Titan Fitness, Beach Close, Newhaven BN9 0BY.

Following the success of the Autumn sessions, a new ten week program will hope to bring more people "Back to Running"


The initial sessions will run for ten weeks, and are intended for beginners or those returning to fitness training. So if you are a regular at Titans this could be something for your friends or partners who haven’t ventured down yet!


For the first sessions we will go along to the park on Eastside, and later onto the seafront, along the river or up to Peacehaven under-cliff.


Cliff will be leading these sessions, and has recently attended a Leader in Running Fitness course from Run England, and you will be asked to complete some Run England registration forms. Cliff’s experience is in mountaineering and distance running ... but there’s plenty of time for that!


There will be a nominal charge of £2 per session, which will be donated to Remember Spencer.


For more information, and to book a space, call Cliff on 07802716830 or contact Titan Fitness